Toothache Relief & More at Our Dental Clinic in Adelaide

For emergency and non-emergency dental services, just visit our friendly practice at Emergency Dental Care in Adelaide

Our friendly team works with all types of dental issues and is used to assisting patients who have suffered a trauma or have had a shock, so will always make you feel as relaxed and as comfortable as possible.

We’re committed to delivering high standards at all times, which is why our patients return to our practice time and again. 

So, if you have a dental problem and need our dental services, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Common emergency dental needs

There are many reasons why you might require emergency dental services, such as sustaining an injury to the jaw or mouth while playing sports or suffering from toothache. Gum disease, swollen gums, infections and broken fillings or teeth may also result in a trip to the dentist, as well as losing veneers or crowns.  At Emergency Dental Care, we offer efficient dental services to our patients, so our team of dentists will always be on hand to help in any of these situations. 
Meanwhile, should you require more routine dental assistance, we also provide non-emergency treatments, fit crowns and bridges, and carry out restorative and cosmetic dentistry as required.

Our dental services include

  • Extractions
  • Wisdom tooth extractions
  • Root canal therapy
  • Fitting temporary fillings
  • Fitting veneers, crowns and bridges
  • Oral hygiene services
  • Restorative dentistry
  • Cosmetic dentistry

Call us today on 0412 220 298 for more details about our dental services in Adelaide

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